Diaper Bag Essentials 

Diaper bags are essential when you have small children. Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, carrying a diaper bag is an everyday norm. Choosing the perfect diaper bag just comes down to your personal preference. Whether you prefer the common diaper bag with lots of room and compartments, or a backpack style that is easy to carry and throw on your back, there many different diaper bags to choose from.


What are important items for a diaper bag:

-Diapers: One diaper for each hour you plan to be out (you can never have too many).

-Wipes: Can be used for more than just wiping your baby's bum, they're safe on the hands for messes and spills. 

-Changing pad: They are reusable, easy to wipe down, and convenient to fold up. 

-An extra change of clothes for the baby: You never know when they are going to have an accident or spill.

-Bottles or cups: A tip for formula feeding moms, pre-portion each bottle with water so you only have to add formula when baby is ready to feed. 

-Hand sanitizer is a must! Quick and easy for on the go when there isn't time to wash your hands. 

-Snacks: It is always a good idea to have something for your little one to munch on.   

-A light blanket: You can never predict the temperature; also works great to block out light when baby is napping in the stroller.

- A nursing cover for breast feeding mamas.

-Small toys: To keep your little one entertained.

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