Recovering From C-Section

What are some Tips to Recovering your C-section Delivery?

If you are planning to have a c-section or need to prepare for the possibility of having one, there are some steps you can take to a smooth recovery. 

The Healing Process: Fatigue and discomfort is common, and treating your incision with gentle care is important.

How Can I Breastfeed Post C-section Surgery?:

You can breastfeed almost immediately after your surgery.


Football hold:

Side-lying hold:



If you are needing breastfeeding support, contact our office and speak with our Lactation Consultant.


Your delivery is a huge part of your pregnancy, and preparation can give you the peace of mind and enjoyment to spend with your new little addition! Speak with your OB/GYN if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your C-section and recovery.

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