Lactation Assistance


Lactation Assistance


Marie Mathurin is a Certified Lactation Specialist, with a passion to help women in whatever form that may be accomplish their lactation goals. Many struggles in not knowing the best options between formula vs breast milk, latching techniques, how to use a pump, when is it appropriate to feed etc. Depending on insurance your visit could be covered completely. We want you to feel supported in whatever journey you decide to take, and provide you with the best information and resources. Please call the office if you have questions or would like to sit down with one of our providers for more information or assistance in lactation.

Breastfeeding Q & A

Am I still able to have a period while breastfeeding?

There’s no predictable time to restart your period while breastfeeding, everyone is different and therefore can start at varied times. Some women have a period of up to six month where they do not have period when first starting out breastfeeding. This is not a guarantee for not getting a period especially if you are not breastfeeding exclusively (every 2-3 hours), giving your baby solid foods, your baby is sleeping through the night, you use a bottle for some feedings, or if your pumping. 

Are my nipples supposed to be tender?

It is not uncommon to experience sore nipples while breastfeeding. The most important thing is to examine the latch of the baby to make sure it’s correct. If baby’s latching incorrectly it could cause more tenderness or pain. Marie Mathurin is available via phone and in person to help. 

Are there tips to increasing my milk supply?

Marie Mathurin, our lactation consultant, is a great resource to have in regards to figuring out whether you truly have low milk supply. The latch has a great deal to do with how much milk the baby is getting out. Coming in for a consultation can help determine whether the latch is correct. Another way to build up milk supply is by exclusively breastfeeding. The body works on supply and demand, if you demand more, your body will supply more based on how often you’re breastfeeding.

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