Medications during Pregnancy


While some medications are considered safe to take during pregnancy, the effects of other medications on your unborn baby are unknown. Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention to medications you take while you are pregnant, especially during the first trimester, a crucial time of development for your baby.

If you were taking prescription medications before you became pregnant, please ask your healthcare provider about the safety of continuing these medications as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Your healthcare provider will weigh the benefit to you and the risk to your baby when making his or her recommendation about a particular medication. With some medications, the risk of not taking them may be more serious than the potential risk associated with taking them.

If you are prescribed any new medication, please inform your healthcare provider that you are pregnant. Be sure to discuss the risks and benefits of the newly prescribed medication with your healthcare provider before taking the medication.

What medications are safe to take during pregnancy?

Prenatal vitamins, now available without prescription, are safe to take during pregnancy. Ask your healthcare provider about the safety of taking other vitamins, herbal remedies and supplements during pregnancy. Most herbal preparations and supplements have not been proven to be safe during pregnancy.

Generally, you should not take any over-the-counter medication unless it is necessary.

The following medications and home remedies have no known harmful effects during your pregnancy when taken according to the package directions. If you want to know about the safety of any other medications not listed here, please contact OB/GYN Care Orlando.

Over the Counter Medications

Condition Safe Medications to Take During Pregnancy*


Cold and Flu

Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Tylenol ColdWarm saltwater gargleSaline Nasal Drops or SpraySudafed, Actifed, Dristan, Neosynephrine*Robitussin DM, Trind-MD, Vicks Cough Syrup, Romilar, Halls**Do not take “SA” (sustained action) forms of these drugs or the “Multi-Symptom” forms of these drugs


Metamucil, Citrucil, Fiberall/Fibercon, Colace, Milk of Magnesia, Senokot, Miralax


For 24 hours, only after 12 weeks of pregnancy:KaopectateImmodiumParepectolin

First Aid Ointment

J &J Bacitracin, Neosporin, Polysporin


Tylenol (acetaminophen)


Maalox, Mylanta, Tums, RiopanTitralac, Gaviscon


Preparation H, Anusol, Tucks, Witch Hazel

Nausea and Vomiting

Vitamin B6 100mg tablet, Emetrol (if not diabetic)Emetrex Sea bandsGinger or Candied Ginger


Hydrocortisone cream or OintmentCaladryl lotion or creamBenadryl cream Oatmeal bath (Aveeno)

Yeast Infection

Monistat or Terazol*Do not insert applicator too far

*Please Note: No drug can be considered 100% safe to use during pregnancy. **Your doctor may prescribe medications that are different from this list.(Adapted from WebMD)


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