COVID-19 & TeleMedicine Update

During this time we want to continue providing the best care possible to our patients. We have been actively working on ways that we can keep everyone safe while also meeting the needs of our patients. We are proud to now offer appointments via Telehealth to continue providing the same level of care to patients that we provide to them in person. Our goal is and always will be to provide patients with the best care, experience, and expertise they deserve in every situation, for every patient.

For appointments that are not Telehealth compatible, we will continue seeing those patients in our office. We are taking all necessary measures to ensure a sanitized and safe environment for patients during in-person appointments. Please note if you are experiencing any symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough or difficulty breathing we ask that you contact our office prior to coming in for further direction.

What our office is doing to prepare:

• Staff are screening all patients to identify those who have recently traveled and/or those who are having symptoms.
• Staff members are receiving instruction and ongoing updates about COVID-19, hand hygiene and other safety measures to decrease the likelihood of contracting or transmitting the infection.
• We are sanitizing all work areas multiple times throughout the day.
• Each exam room is sanitized following each patient visit as per our normal protocols.

COVID-19 Updates:

COVID-19 is an evolving issue with new guidelines and information daily. We encourage you to keep yourself updated on information by following the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at

Information regarding TeleHealth:

Telehealth encounters require live two-way synchronous audio and video that allows the provider and patient to see each other in real-time to discuss conditions. Physicians will follow the same treatment guidelines and provide the same level of care as they would at an in-person appointment. To participate in a Telehealth appointment, you must have a computer or cell phone with video and microphone access.

What to expect during a TeleHealth appointment:

No downloads or creating accounts is necessary to participate in a virtual appointment with your doctor! All you have to do is click on the link we provide you via email to check in to the virtual waiting room. While in the waiting room, you will complete any necessary forms related to your appointment. In addition, make sure to have your weight and blood pressure recorded for the doctor before your appointment begins. Once it is time for your appointment, the call will automatically start with your provider.
What materials are needed (what patients need at home):

• Scale
• Blood Pressure Cuff (Available on Amazon or speak to a provider on the different options available)
• Soft Tape Measure (Pregnant patients only)

• Fetal Doppler (Available on Amazon)
• Urine Dipsticks (Recommended Link:

How does insurance/self-pay work for TeleMedicine:

INSURANCE - Appointments will be billed to your insurance the same way an in-office visit would be billed. Patients will be subject to their copay/coinsurance/deductible just as they would in the office. Please research your individual insurance plan for details.

SELF PAY - You will be able to pay for your visit at your pre check-in through the platform, or on your patient portal. Payment is safely and securely collected and no patient info is stored.

What happens if I need to come in for an appointment:

During your Telehealth appointment, if your provider feels it is necessary for you to come into the office for further evaluation we will schedule an appointment accordingly. Reasons for in-office follow ups may be to collect blood/specimens, perform an ultrasound or do a physical assessment.


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