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Living wrinkle-free doesn’t have to be something that only happens in your dreams. At Women’s and Maternity Care Specialists in Winter Park, Florida, Dr. Gene Krishingner, Jr., can help you get your youthful skin back with Botox® injections. You’ll enjoy smoother, more flawless skin shortly after getting your Botox treatments.

Botox Q & A

How can Botox injections improve my skin’s appearance?

Botox is a formulary made from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This strain of bacteria safely weakens — or paralyzes — muscles and nerves underneath your skin that tend to tense up when you have facial expressions, like smiling or frowning. As the muscles and nerves relax, your skin naturally appears smoother and wrinkle-free.

Where can I get Botox injections done on my face?

Most women want to have multiple areas treated. But even if you only have one spot that needs to be injected with Botox, you’ll still need a few small shots in that area. Botox can improve the appearance of:

  • Crow’s feet: Also called, ‘laugh lines” or ‘character lines” at the corner of the eyes.
  • Frown lines between your eyebrows
  • Smile lines around your mouth
  • Forehead lines
  • Fine lines in your cheeks

Are Botox injections painful?

When you think of an “injection,” don’t worry about pain from a needle. Botox needles are incredibly thin and small, so the odds of you feeling anything are slim to none. Some women experience a little stinging or pinching initially, but that can often be prevented with some topical numbing cream applied beforehand. If you experience any pain during your treatment, let Dr. K know so he can help you. Even if you do feel that small pinch, just think about your new youthful appearance that’ll stem from that split-second of pain.

When will I see results?

Because you might have some initial swelling or bruising after the injections, give your skin some time to heal. Many women report seeing initial improvement from Botox within the first 48 hours. Botox will continue improving your skin over the following days, allowing you to see it’s maximum potential often within 1 week. You may continue to see improvement for the first month.

Will Botox injections last for a long time?

Yes. But they’re not a permanent fix. Depending on the depth of your lines and wrinkles, as well as the area being treated, you may see improvement for 3-12 months. Dr. K can give you an idea as to how long Botox injections should work for you.

*Individual results may vary

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