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If your skin is scarred, sun-damaged, or losing its tone and vibrancy due to aging, laser treatments can restore its strength and vitality. At Gene L. Krishingner Jr. MD PA, he and his team use cutting-edge laser therapy to remove age spots, reduce stretch marks and scars, and turn back time by encouraging your skin to rebuild itself from the inside out. To find out how laser treatments can give you beautiful, clear, and tight skin again, call Dr. Gene Krishingner MD's office or use the online booking form.

Laser Treatments Q & A

What are laser treatments?

Laser treatments send therapeutic levels of energy to the deepest layers of your skin, where they heat the cells and trigger the wound-healing process. 

Your immune system increases the circulation of blood to the treated area, flushing away toxins and degraded strands of the proteins collagen and elastin. Your skin then starts to rebuild itself with new collagen and elastin, a process known as collagen remodeling.


How do lasers rejuvenate and rebuild my skin?

As your skin builds new, healthy tissues, you’ll see more smooth, youthful skin with fewer wrinkles, age spots, and flaws. Dr. Krishingner and his team use the Icon™ Aesthetic System by CynoSure® to rejuvenate and refresh tired skin, resolve pigmentation issues, and smooth scars. The Icon utilizes the most advanced form of intense pulsed light (IPL) technology available.


How do laser treatments smooth my regular or acne scars?

Scars occur when your skin is wounded and must rebuild itself quickly with haphazard strands of collagen. When the Icon laser directs energy deep into your scars, it makes minuscule perforations that cause the disordered collagen strands to break down. 

The laser energy simultaneously promotes the production of new, healthy tissues, which makes your scars less noticeable and your skin more smooth, tight, and uniform. 


How can laser treatments remove brown spots and redness? 

When the Icon’s broad spectrum light seeps through each dermal layer, most of it is absorbed by melanin — the pigments that give dark spots their color. Once these melanin cells absorb the laser energy, they break apart into tiny particles, which are eventually absorbed by your immune system. 

In addition to breaking up melanin clumps, the treatment also stimulates collagen growth to help tighten and refresh underlying skin. The Icon is a safe, effective, and noninvasive way to correct:  

  • Dark spots  
  • Age spots
  • Melasma
  • Freckles 

The Icon also reduces redness from rosacea and can evaporate broken capillaries and spider veins.


How can laser treatments reduce stretch marks?

Whether they’re raised or depressed, stretch marks are a type of scar. The Icon laser creates minuscule perforations in the tissues that comprise your stretch marks, breaking them down while triggering the production of new, healthy tissues. 

This process diminishes the color and texture of stretch marks to leave your skin looking more smooth, tight, and uniform. 

To improve the health and appearance of your skin with laser treatments, contact Laser & Aesthetics Studio of Winter Park by phone or the online booking form.